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2046 by Medical Seeds has the highest THC levels of the bank, with Haze flavour and psychoactive effect at the highest level. A marvel of genetics that will make you fall in love.




2046 by Medical Seeds is a cross between a Neville Haze and a Kali Mist. If you are looking for a big and productive sativa, look no further. One of the most famous sativas in our peninsula, as it has made its way among the big banks, with its huge productions and unparalleled resin.

2046 one of the world's best sativas

Indoor production and performance of 2046

If there is something wrong with this variety, it is that it takes 110 days to flower indoors and that it is very long, if we do not grow it with a SCRoG system or SoG cuttings, it will be almost impossible to grow it in our indoor, but if we did we would have one of the most powerful plants in our collection. We will get all the flavour we expect from a Haze, but with a very attractive and special sweet background.

Production and performance of 2046 outdoor

Planting it outdoors, we will have giant plants, up to 3 meters with a production of more than 1kg per plant. It will be harvested at the end of November. As it has such an extensive and long flowering period, we must be careful during the last days of cultivation, as if it rains, we could lose the whole harvest. If we grow it, we must bear in mind that for it to reach its full potential and be ready to flower well, it must have a maximum of one week of growth.

Tasting of 2046 by Medical Seeds

A plant that compensates for its long flowering with a great incense flavour and a very psychoactive cerebral high, not recommended for novice growers or smokers, as it is very potent and can give you a yellow, and that its cultivation is somewhat peculiar and uncontrolled, that with a small failure of nutrients you can be left without harvest. A pleasure for lifelong smokers.

  • Sativa/indica: 90/10%.
  • Flowering: 10 weeks indoor. End of November outdoors.
  • Height: 1-1,2m inside. 1.8-3m outdoors.

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