Using fertilisers in the cultivation of marijuana plants is one of the most necessary, essential and important tasks when it comes to developing and producing our harvest correctly. It is vital that we use a series of specific products during the different stages of life of our cannabis plants. From root stimulators, growth boosters, flowering stimulators and cleaners, there is a wide range of items to improve performance in our growing area.

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Acti Vera
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9,75 - 58,91
Seaweed Bloom
10,23 - 108,87
Alga Grow
10,23 - 60,20
All-In-One Liquid
7,62 - 38,12
All-In-One Pellet
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6,99 - 48,89
5,63 - 16,16
Amino Complex
40,88 - 75,32
The best cannabis seeds for your indoor or outdoor cannabis cultivation

We have an incredible range of possibilities when it comes to choosing cannabis seeds, always covering all the demands or needs of the grower, so that he/she can always obtain powerful plants with vigorous yields.

From GrowShopCanarias.net we will always help you to select the most suitable genetics for each grower or growing medium, because as we have already mentioned, there are big differences between the thousands of strains available.

In addition, all our seeds are stored in the best conditions of humidity and temperature, so that they arrive as fresh as possible to each customer. At GrowShopCanarias.net you can buy the best marijuana seeds at the best price.

Seed finder
We have the most complete seed search engine on the market, you can choose your seed with different filters such as bank, indica / sativa percentage, climate, flavour, price from highest to lowest, recommended use, type of seed, recommended cultivation, cannabinoid profile, physical condition and duration of flowering indoors or outdoors. Thanks to these filters, growers will save a lot of time when choosing the seed that best suits the needs of each grower. On the website you can find pure indicas, hybrids and sativas. You will also find different seeds with origins from all over the world, from American, Dutch, Spanish and virtually all over the world. On this website you can also find bulk seeds, both feminized and autoflowering and CBD seeds. They are seeds that do not come packaged and offer a grower quality seeds, at a reduced price than we can find in the bank.

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