Amazonian' mushrooms are medium-sized specimens with a rounded, almost spherical cap, amber in colour and with a large amount of stupefied psilocybin, indicative of their high levels.

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Growing Amazonian Mushrooms

Amazonian is a variety of Psilocybe cubensis originally from "Psylocybe Fanaticus". These mushrooms are larger than their direct Mexican relative, and the effect could resemble that of the Thai psilocybe. But of course with its own character.

Morphology Amazonian Mushrooms

The colonisation speed is a little slow compared to some of the other faster colonising strains (such as the SE strains from Asia), however, they are known to produce healthy and very prolific sets, requiring rigorous climate controls. You will get bunches of mushrooms with fairytale caps that can reach up to 10cm in diameter proving to be a high yielding strain with above average potency.

Complete mushroom growing kit

It includes everything you need for its cultivation, the tupper with the perfectly prepared substrate and the inoculated mushrooms. It also includes the greenhouse bag to retain humidity and a clip to close it.

Although the first mushrooms are somewhat small, the second and third mushrooms are exuberant. These mushrooms provide us with high levels of psilocybin, with mycelium sprouting from them in bright blue tones. The tupper is completely airtight, with no holes in the lid or on the sides, so we can rest assured that no microorganismswill alter the state of our bread.

Amazonian Mushrooms : Effects and Intensity

This variety is one of the few that offer light visual effects, with a somewhat creative and introspective character. They have a medium to high intensity. Please note that these kits are sold for the purpose of mycological study, if you decide to grow and consume them, we are not responsible for any possible effects that may occur.


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