RAW Tips

0,50 - 14,50

Put the Raw cardboard tips on your joints and you can be sure that you won't inhale any chemicals, such as chlorine to bleach the paper or cardboard. Full box with 50 units, each unit with 50 Tips mouthpieces.




RAW Tips nozzles and additives for joints

Smoke with Raw cardboard mouthpieces and you will have mouthpieces without chemical additives, so you can inhale without fear of inhaling paint or unwanted substances that are harmful to your lungs, which is the case with some normal cardboard.

You'll get the whole box of Tips at an unbeatable price, with 50 packs of Tips of 50 mouthpieces each.

  • 50 nozzles per booklet.
  • The complete box contains 50 booklets.
  • 60 x 15 mm

Additional information

Weight N/A
Cigarette paper

1 Booklet, Complete box of booklets (50 pcs)

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